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Yelena Minyonok

Yelena Minyonok, a folklorist, principal investigator     “I, Yelena Minyonok, first visited Kaluzhskaya /oblast/ province in winter of 1985 as a second-year student in the Philological Department of Moscow State University. I was so charmed by the beauty of nature and was truly taken with the goodwill and hospitality of the country people. I was surprised at the richness of their folklore and ethnographical traditions. Since then I have conducted fieldwork in this area twice a year, in summer and winter. The more I know this area, its people and their culture, the stronger this land wins my mind and my heart. I have also studied the folklore traditions of other areas of Russia (Volga River basin, and the districts of the northern part of Russia) but I can say with great certainty that southwest Russia is a unique place”.

Yelena V. Minyonok, Principle Investigator

Born (Moscow, 1965) and raised in Russia. Graduated from the Philological Department of the Moscow State University; M.A. degree awarded (Thesis: "The Stylistic evolution of Russian fairy-tales poetics in The Northern-Russian fairy-tales collected by A. I. Nikiforov, Moscow, 1988). Postgraduate studies at the Institute of World Literature (1988 - 1991), Ph.D. in Folklore (Thesis: "The Textology of Russian Folk Non-Ritual Songs (the aspects of the complex method)", Moscow, 1995). As a senior researcher, Yelena worked at the Folklore Department of the Institute of World Literature (1991 to present) and has participated regularly in fieldwork studies since 1984. She has given papers at various conferences on folklore and ethnography, and has published scientific articles and collections on folklore. She was awarded three research grants from the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, 1993, 1997, 1998), and addressed the problem of scientific edition of folk materials. She is curator of Folklore Archive at the Institute of World Literature (1993 to present) and is an adviser on folklore in the scientific and cultural program "Video-Encyclopedia of Russian Folklore".

As a researcher, she will bring to the project concepts of making fieldnotes, interviews and interpreting folklore and ethnographical material. She will supervise scientific aspects of the project.

The chronology of folklore expeditions and publications is available in the History section.





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