Siberian Briefing

   Folklore of Siberian Villages (100 hundred anniversary of Stolypin Land Reform)

Leading organization "American Friends of Russian Folklore" This corporation is organized for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes within the meaning of Internal Revenue code section 501(c) (3) The specific purpose of this corporation is to support and promote American understanding of Russian folklore and traditional Russian life and culture. This purpose is accomplished by supporting research projects, educational activities, and cultural activities, specifically including, but not limited to: Scientific field research projects in Russia to collect data and make recordings; documenting, analyzing and archiving Russian folklore and oral histories; and presenting educational and cultural lectures and programs at universities, conferences, and festivals.


Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Folklore of Siberian Villages expedition! This project is devoted to the complex investigation of music, narrative traditions and rituals of Siberia. To successfully conduct this project's important cultural and scientific research, we urgently need the help of volunteers like you!

The reason for urgency is two-fold: non-native cultures now exercise a great deal of influence on the everyday life of the countryside. As a result of these external influences, compounded with modern urbanizaiton, the authority of folk traditions is decreasing in rural villages across Russia. For these reasons, it is of the almost importance to document these native traditions before musical and narrative folklore is changed beyond recognition (if not all together lost and forgotten). Without an understanding of the earlier forms of traditional music and folklore in general, it will be impossible to make an informed assessment of the influence other cultures exert on these traditions. Moreover, many of those who have carried the musical traditions with them throughout the Soviet period, particularly older women, are dying before their knowledge can be recorded.

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