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Sergey Minyonok

    "I, Sergey Minyonok, theater director, was looking for authentic folklore materials which could be used for my performances, and thus got acquainted with Yelena. In 1989 we went on a joint research expedition in Kaluzhskaya /oblast/ province. The expressiveness of the folklore performances as well as the philosophical intensity of folk beliefs and legends struck me so much that I realized the following: folklore performance could provide plots for interesting documentaries. Thus, our creative alliance, that of a director and folklore researcher, was formed in 1989, and in 1990 we became husband and wife”.

Sergey A. Minyonok, Principle Investigator

Born (Zima, 1961) and raised in Russia. Graduated from the Theater Directing Department of the State Eastern-Siberian Institute of Culture; M.A. degree awarded (The staging of the play written by R. Ibragimbekov “Moment istiny” (The Moment of Truth), Ulan-Uhde, 1985). Worked as the second director in the Youth Experimental Theater of Folk Drama (Irkutsk, 1980-1988). Conducted the stage studies of the Russian national theater specificity and its folklore sources. Research materials and experimental work-outs allowed to direct a number of theater performances of the folklore-historical content “Tzar Maksimilian” (The King Maximilian), 1986, “Slovo o polku Igoreve” (The Song of Igor's Campaign), 1987, and others. Sergei has lived and worked in Moscow since 1988, participates in fieldwork studies with researches from the Institute of World Literature (Russian Academy of Sciences) since 1989, and is the author and supervisor of the scientific and cultural program "Video Encyclopedia of Russian Folklore" (the Institute of World Literature, Moscow). He has presented documentaries at various international conferences on folklore and ethnography, a number of telecasts/ and three times received a research grant from Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, 1993). In 1996 he entered the post-graduate studies in the Department of Folklore in the Institute of World Literature (Russian Academy of Sciences). In 1995-1997 he received the second highest education as a director of documentary films (High Courses of Directors and Scenarists, Moscow).

As a director and researcher, Sergey will bring to the project concepts of folklore and ethnography conservation and popularization by visual forms; and will supervise fieldwork video recording of folklore and ethnographical phenomena. He visited the USA (December 1993 - March 1994; November 1996, November 1999) and demonstrated his folklore documentaries in the American Universities (Harvard University, the Ukraine Research Institute, Brown University, University of Massachusetts, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Southern California, etc.) and at several international conferences.

The chronology of folklore expeditions and publications is available in the History section.





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