Medical advice / Physical Conditioning

    The joint living (in shared rooms), the absence of every-day showers and pit-toilets will be the main discomforts. Volunteers should bring the minimum of necessary medicine (headache, toothache, stomach disorder, corns, two bandage packings, plasters, etc.) In case of illness, the area has health clinics and hospitals run by the government. The medical treatment is free of charge for Russians and for foreigners. (We know this definitely from our previous expeditions with foreign volunteers). However, if you have any medical condition that bothers you, even infrequently, you should bring your own medicine, just in case!

We will stay in strategic locations, so that we are within walking distance of the performers we want to video record, audio record, photograph and interview. Volunteers should be prepared to walk from site to site and within villages. IF YOUR PHYSICAL CONDITION DOES NOT PERMIT YOU TO CARRY HEAVY LOADS SUCH AS YOUR LUGGAGE OR WALK DISTANCES YOU SHOULD CONTACT US TO DISCUSS YOUR ABILITIES. Good walking shoes and sun/rain protection will be necessary.

The research area has a temperate climate, there is usually no intense heat and sharp changes from heat to cold. Volunteers should experience no weather-related problems. Volunteers allergic to blossoming flowers and herbs may be uncomfortable. Asthma suffers will be exposed to molds, dust, and humidity. Noxious fumes may be experienced inside or outsides buses.