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Mariia Fedorovna Maslova (1930), singer (Smolenskaia province, Roslavlskii district, Krapivna village)

Nikolai Ivanovich Karetnikov (1922), a healer and narrator (Smolenskaia province, Roslavlskii district, Syrokoreniie village)

Tatiya Andreevna Gudkova (1909), a singer and healer (Kaluzhskaya province, Liudinovskii district, Voilovo village)

Tatiana Yakovlevna Alioshina (1926), a taylor (Brianskaya province, Rognedinskii district, Staroye Khotmirovo village)

Anna Yakovlevna Yevseienkova (1926), a singer (Kaluzhskaya province, Kuibyshevskii district, Troitskoye village)

Ivan Nikolaevich Terekhov (1922), a narrator (Brianskaya province, Rognedinskii district, Piatnitskoye village)

Mariia Grigorievna Kosenkova (1925), a singer (Smolenskaia province, Roslavlskii district, Koski village)

Aldakushina Mariia Grigorievna (1919),  a narrator and lamenter (Kaluzhskaya province, Kuibyshevskii district, Dubrovki village)

Finogenova Anastasiia Petrovna (1909), a narrator (Brianskaya province, Rognedinskii district, Piatnitskoye village)

Serafima Ivanovna Ponomariova (1928), a singer and narrator (Smolenskaya province, Roslavlskii district, Shui village)

Zoya Vasilievna Davydova (1930), a singer (Brianskaya province, Rognedinskii disrict, Snopot village)

Stepanida Stepanovna Ivashkina (1913), a singer (Brianskaya province, Rognedinskii district, Beriozovka village)




University of Virginia Slavic Languages & Lits Dept Dr. Natalie O. Kononenko

University of Wisconsin
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University of Colorado at Boulder Dept. of Germanic and Slavic Languages & Lits Dr. Laura J. Olson 

Slavic and East European Folklore Association (SEEFA)

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