The materials acquired during our fieldwork will be kept in the Folklore Archive of the Institute of World Literature (Russian Academy of Sciences). They will be transcribed, systematized, catalogued and computerized. Information about them will be available for researchers of folk culture such as folklorists, ethnographers, ethnomusicologists, dialectologists, folk art critics, sociologists, ethnopsychologists and historians.

   The documentary “The Day of the Holy Spirit” is devoted to the unique folklore ritual rooted in pagan times, which is preserved in a small Russian village, until even today. In this rite, both a deep grief and an uncontrolled joy are interwoven. What is forbidden on all other days is allowed only on this day, because this day is the Day of the Holy Spirit. The main performers of the rite are women. Their energy and enthusiasm are reflected in the ritual behavior and unique erotic songs. The author of the documentary tried to avoid usual commentary of the film content. This way he overcame some of the difficulties associated with the genre of an ethnographical film.   The Day of the Holy Spirit"- documentary film, (2001) Betacam SP / VHS - 26 min. PAL / NTSC system.

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   Snopot- documentary film, (1998) Betacam SP / VHS - 20 min. PAL / NTSC system. (With English subtitles).A documentary film directed by Sergey Minyonok (20 min.). This film is about a local holiday which is celebrated in the village of Snopot (Brianskaya province, Rognedinskii district), in the south-western part of Russia. Every year on July 21 villagers gather together and hold services near three places: a) the holy well, b) the site where the church formerly stood, and c) the Desna-river. Everyone carries icons covered with embroidered ritual towels. From the holy well to the river people move very slowly. One by one everybody passes under the icons and under the towels for good health. The whole ceremony is filled with various pagan relics. People believe that if you take the water from any place you like it will be holy water. According to local belief it is very important to swim in the river during this day. Villagers tell us that this will cleanse their sins which they accumulated during the whole year. 

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   At present we note with sorrow the lack of knowledge of folklore culture among many our contemporaries. All kinds of stylization, numerous tasteless amateur troupes' activities arouse the stable irritation which is spread automatically on the idea of folklore. The unpopularity of folklore can be explained also by the lack of deep, interesting broadcasts and telecasts in Russian Radio and TV.

Collection of CD-disks with Russian folklore songs recorded in  different districts. For orders, please, contact

We make disks on the basis of field audio records, and publish richly illustrated folklore collections on the basis of field photographs, notes and records.

We publish our results in the professional folklore and ethnographic journals including: “Etnograficheskii vestnik” (The Ethnographical News), “Zhivaia starina” (The Living Old-Times); in the periodical professional edition “Russkii folklor” (The Russian Folklore); in popular scientific journals: “Rodina”, (The Motherland), “Narodnoie tvorchestvo” (The People's Art).

The financial support for our project will allow us to continue work in our academic sphere, to buy necessary equipment and to plan further investigations. At the same time, we understood how strongly we are pressed by time. All our excellent folk singers and narrators are 60, 70 and 80-years old.




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