Field training

    On the next day after volunteers' arrival we plan to gather all members of the team for the first briefing on the topic "General characteristics of folklore and ethnography of the research area". Since the majority of the teams will work in different villages, this introductory talk will differ in details.

Field training in the field. Photo Kelley Bethell

We will conduct mini-seminars as necessarily during the whole period of team's work, on topics including: theories and practice of conducting interviews, making audio records, photographs, writing fieldnotes, filling questionnaires, making sketches, copying embroideries' decorations.

Field training will be focused mainly on the ritual folklore and mythological stories. We will talk about the rite's meaning and history, and ways of making records. We will also discuss what to do and what not to do, how to conduct ourselves in relationship to our performers, how to respond to hospitality, how to follow local standards of courtesy, how to dress on various occasions, and so forth.