Daily schedule

    The daily schedule will vary greatly. Each team's work will depend on the traditional schedules of life of the country people. Video recording outside in many cases will depend on weather conditions. If it is raining or cloudy we shall organize the day around the following activities - conducting interviews and the description of ethnographical objects. From experience, we know that not all things happen exactly as planned. For example, if our fieldwork is during the hay time and the sun is shining, it is inconceivable that someone would absent himself from the hay field in order to sing songs or tell fairy tales to us. But if it is raining the same performers will be very glad to tell us folk stories about house spirits and forest nymphs or to sing long, folk lyric songs.

Outside of busy filming periods we will be happy to accommodate volunteers who need a rest day, although this may not necessarily be over a weekend.

We must therefore always have flexible plans. In any case, there will be plenty of embroidered ritual scarves and shifts, icons and interiors to sketch, to describe, and to photograph, and to fill questionnaires on days when we cannot work with village people.