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Welcome to the Unknown Russia

    The scholars from the Institute of World Literature (Russian Academy of Sciences) Yelena and Sergey Minyonok are delighted to welcome you to the research project Russian Folklore Expedition. Over six field seasons our program has been approved for Earthwatch Institute support (1995-2000). Thanks to generous inputs of 150 volunteers from 12 countries we successfully investigated more then 105 villages, and recorded 1415 songs, more then 4000 mythological stories, videotaped 36 folklore rituals, etc. But these six years were not enough to succeed in recording, regulating, systematizing, and explaining all the phenomena of spiritual and material culture, which we meet. Nowadays we again welcome volunteers to help us to continue our project.

Thank you to all who are ready to help us! Through your efforts we have an opportunity to document unique Russian traditions from oblivion. Please, for any information about participation in the Russian Folklore Expedition send your e-mail directly to Principle Investigators Yelena and Sergey Minyonok at:


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